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Stay a While :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Ruffled Romance and Drab to Fab~

Welcome to my blog!
I am truly sorry for the long delay in posting. Our computer crashed recently and it caused alot of problems. The funny thing is that we were about to renew our anti-virus program when it happened. Go figure. It makes me angry to think that there are nerds out there that have nothing better to do than create viruses to do harm to others. What losers. :-P
Anyway I am back and dying to catch up on so many things. I have a few things to share. One is a trash to treasure project I worked on recently. I also have a few more dress forms to share and I have been working on cute ornaments for the holidays. Hope you enjoy them.
Here is a lamp I picked up at a flea market. I knew the instant that I saw it that I had to turn it from drab to fab!
Here is the before pic...
Here is the after pic...
I just love all things that have ruffles. I always have. The more frills the better. I made strips of white ruffles and sewed them together and onto the lamp shade. It was alot of work,but I am happy with the results.
Here is a dress form I finished last week. It's my first ruffled dress form. I will be listing this lovely for sale in my Little Pink Boutique at Make Mine Pink this week and will have more shortly. www.makeminepink.com
Here is a pic of how I turned a plain ornament into a pretty ornament. It's amazing how some bows,roses and lace can make a difference.
And here are a few ornaments I had fun working on. I added some handmade roses and some beaded tassle to the pink one. The other one has vintage lace,faux cream colored Dupioni silk roses and sheer white ribbon bows. The third ornament was dipped in glitter.
It has a sheer pink bow in the front with a cute faux diamond buckle. I think it adds a nice touch. I have more to make and will decide if I should keep them or sell them. Hmmm...decisions, decisions..lol
That's all for now. I will have more goodies to share next week. Thanks a million for stopping by and have a fantastic week. Can you believe it's October already? Next thing you know Christmas! Can't wait! woo hoo! Love the holidays!
Take care now...
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