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Stay a While :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heaven is For Real~

Hi there Sweet Friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I had a lovely day. I went to a few thrift stores and purchased some really great items. I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I go to flea markets or thrift shops.

Here are a few pics of what I bought...
Two Victorian Children in vintage gold frames and underneath a lovely crochet table cloth~

A Sweet Doll Ornament~

Two vintage gold frames with beautiful art~

Rose Napkin Holders~

Vintage Pink Leather Purse~
It felt like Christmas today. So much fun to shop! And my family and I also went to City Place to see the movie "Heaven is For Real"
Here are a few pics of City Place....

There is so much to do and see at City Place here in West Palm Beach. It's really beautiful.
And here are pics of the movie theater...
This is where you purchase the tickets~

This is the second floor inside the theater~

Check out the two staircases inside the theater~

I have to tell you that "Heaven is For Real" is a wonderful movie. It's a true story of a little boy who claims to have gone to Heaven while he was in surgery. I won't give any details away, but I highly recommend it. I also read the book and it had more details than the movie, but both were worth it. It's one of those inspirational feel good movies you won't want to miss. I do believe this boy and do believe that Heaven is for real. :)

And last, but not least would love to ask all my friends a small favor. I entered a contest and would love if you wouldn't mind voting for my website. Here is the link: www.rulebreakerawards.com When you go to this site go to the top or bottom of the homepage and click on where it says vote. All you have to do is register. It's a legit site and easy to do. You will find me under Janet's Creative Cottage. Click on Votes to find me. It's easier than scrolling through each page to find me. I really appreciate your support more than you know.
And if I can ever do something to help you I will be happy to.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by. I will have some creations to post this coming week so stay tuned...

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