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Stay a While :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged 3 times!

Okay this is new to me. I got tagged by three pink sisters at Make Mine Pink. They are Michele of Sweet Yesterdays,Kimberly of My Pink Boutique and Arlene of Lil Cottage Shoppe.

Here is what I am supposed to do. I am to list 7 wierd things about myself and 7 other random things about me. Oh Boy this is going to be fun. And I can't believe I am actually going to share it with all of you! So here goes: Nervous 2

1. My hair Whoa stands up if I hear someone slurp. Coffee Drinker I know coffee can be hot or soup for that matter,but I cant stand the sound! I am so polite and my parents taught me to have manners. So slurping drives me nuts. Crazy

2. Okay another one is that I also cannot stand it when someone flips their newspaper pages roughly. lol I know ,I know weird huh? I just think if you have to flip you can flip lady like. Newspaper

3. I love to crunch on ice even though I know it's bad for your teeth! Ice Water I can't stop myself. I grab a glass of water and add at least 6 pieces of ice and then crunch ,crunch ,crunch I go!... I probably lack iron? No wonder 4 out of 5 dentists love me so. Dentist

4. I still watch 80's movies! TV 2 I can watch "Pretty in Pink,Breakfast Club,Sixteen Candles" over and over and over and never tire of these movies or any of the movies with the brat pack bunch! Just this Saturday night I watched the movie "Breakin"! Shhh...don' t tell anyone

5. Speaking of the 80's... I even listen to CD's my darling hubby made for me with all 80's songs on them and sing along while driving! Can you imagine the looks on peoples faces when they see me bopping up and down? Disco Boogie

6. I've been wearing heels since I was a teen. High Heels High Heels I can't live without them. I even wear them to sporting events and if going to the beach...I wear high heeled sandles of course! I want to look taller and feel better in them. I feel that it completes the look. If I wear flats my legs hurt the next day. Go figure.

7. I am married 17 years now and to this day the only two times my darling hubby has seen my without make-up is when I gave birth to my daughter and son. Wake Up I mean who wants their hubby to wake up in the morning and say yuck! So he always sees me at my best. Okay,okay.. I am cheating. When I gave birth to my two kids I did wear mascara! Otherwise all you would see is two beaty eyes. Googly Eyes

8. I love sweets! Chocolate Bunny Candy I Love Candy Day I've always known that it's fattening,bad for your teeth, sugar loves cancer,but I can't seem to ever give it up! Oh boy have I tried over the years. I will diet and leave out the sweets,but it's only a matter of time until bam! cookies or chocolate are in my house again..waaa! I tell my husband that I should just rub in onto my hips and thighs since that is where it goes anyway! Where is Richard Simmons when you need him??

9. I am too sensitive! Crying Into Tissue Sometimes I think people are bad mouthing me when they aren't. I cry everytime someone wins a new home on Extreme Home Makeover and always wish it were me saying...MOVE THAT BUS!! I even cry when I see Hallmark commercials! Blowing Nose

10. I detest bugs! Buggie yuck! Ever since I was 10. Two kids played a prank on me and placed a big dead beetle on my shoulder. They said...Janet what's that on your shoulder?? When I turned my head to look ...I saw this disgusting bug on my shoulder and threw myself on the floor screaming..GET IT OFF ME!! Ever since then I can't stand them. Shocked

11. Ever since I saw the movie "Jaws" Shark 2 Castaway I have never gone back to swim at the beach again. And I live in Florida which is Shark Central so why would I even think of placing my body in it for the sharks to eat lunch?

12. I'm still a Bruce Lee fan even though he has been dead for so many years. I loove martial art movies. I used to take Tae Kwon Do lessons when I was 16 and still miss it! Karate However I did use my skills along time ago. I was walking down the train station on Lexington Avenue in New York City after a good workout when I ran into this weirdo. He tried to grab me and I got into a karate position and punched him! He went running and I stood there using language my mother would have washed out with soap! Soapbox

Do you realize that since 3 ladies tagged me that means I would have to list 42 weird things about myself???? I think this is about it for me. But if I think of anymore I will add them on. Now back in the closet I go..... it's my turn to tag someone... Sinister hee hee hee...who will it be??

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