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Stay a While :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Come one, come all and have some fun at MMP this summer! Everyone is welcome to participate!

Let me introduce our official BINGO DIVA - Roxie from Jorabeels!

Official BINGO rules:

1. Bingo Diva will post 100 words on the BINGO thread at the start of each game.

2. Participants will need to choose 25 words from the list. Write them down on paper to save for yourself, and email your list to the BINGO Diva.

3. Participants will have a deadline for submitting their words.

4. Once all entries are submitted, the BINGO Diva will post 5 words per day (Monday through Friday) until someone reaches "BINGO!"

5. Participants will need to check the BINGO thread each and every day (Monday through Friday) to find out what words were called. From there, they will need to cross off each of their (25) words from the ones posted until they have declared BINGO! or until someone else declares BINGO!

6. Once you have all 25 of your words crossed off your list, please post/yell the word BINGO! on the thread.

7. The BINGO Diva will then check her list against yours to make sure it is a good BINGO, then she will post the winner.

8. Winner will receive a beautiful prize from one of the fabulous, donating MMP boutique!

9. Once a winner is declared, a new game will begin.

And here is a picture of the prize donated by me!

"Bleu Clair Toile Pillows"

These pillows will add an elegant touch to your home. They are 18 x 18, made with a beautiful light blue toile design fabric and very pretty white lace trim.

Prize value: $75.00

Good luck everyone and have fun!

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