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Stay a While :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Welcome to my blog and welcome to Mondays Show and Tell! For todays Show and Tell I would like to share Pets of The Month at Janet's Creative Pillows and also my latest doorknob dress pillow.

Congratulations to our Birds of The Month, Poppy & Meshack, whose owner is Inka of Inkling Designs. They have temporarily taken

the Cat of the Month column this month. Poppy is a 4 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. When it is meal time he climbs down off his cage, walks across the floor to the table, climbs up a chair onto the table and will help himself to your plate. If you put him in a chair he will look up thru the table (glass top) and tap his beak 3 times to get your attention. In the morning, he will stand with the dogs and wait for something to drop on the floor. The dogs don't mess with him...he's bigger than they are!

This is our other Bird of The Month, Meshack who is a 7 year old African Grey. He understands what you say or what you are about to do...Really. Tell him to ring his bell or wave and he will. He is a problem solver too. They don't have a fire in the house because he imitates the smoke detector so much, they won't know when it goes off for real. They certainly keeps Inka's hands full. Here's hoping that they will enjoy their parrot package coming soon. Birds of a feather will share the prize together!

Congratulations to our Dog of The Month, Louis, whose owner is Bridget Shirey . Louis is a mini schnauzer and was named after Bridget's favorite designer purse, Louis Vuitton. According to Bridget, Louis is the sweetest most loving little boy. Louis is 3 right now with a birthday in July. If anyone broke in they'd hear his bark and then just have to pet him and take what they want. He would give anyone the fur off his back. We wish he could protect us. We hope that Louis will enjoy his special prize coming soon and Happy Birthday Louis! If you are interested in submitting your special cat or dog or other pet, please submit your name,address, pet name , and a blurb about your pet. Send your information to janetspillows@ yahoo.com. All winners get a pet prize package, a month spotlight on our website, a blog mention in our newsletter. Remember, all submissions are kept until they are spotlighted, so the next pet picked could be yours! Good luck!

And here is my latest doorknob dress pillow which I call "The English Rose" I will be listing this fun pillow to my boutique this week. Hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell for today and please take a few minutes to visit my pink sisters at Make Mine Pink. They also feature Show and Tell on their blogs and it's really so much fun to see what they are up to.~

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