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Stay a While :)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter!

Spring is here and Easter too! So glad you are visiting me and taking a peek at my blog. XO

I was so delighted to have been apart of an Easter Swap that Miss Rhea hosted recently. http://sweetnshabbyroses.blogspot.com/ She suggested that we make Easter baskets from empty yogurt cups. Isn't that amazing? I loved this idea and what a wonderful way to help our enviroment.
I had two lovely ladies that I swapped Easter baskets with and it was so much fun! So I would like to share the treasures that I received with you.
The first lady I received gifts from is Shiela Adkins.
http://www.fadedbutdesiredtreasures.blogspot.com/ She sent me the most beautiful things! A vintage doll magazine which was perfect since I adore dolls and collect them. She sent me a pair of gorgeous egg shaped earrings. They are amazing. She also sent me a lovely handmade basket with so much detail! WOW. I was blown away with her creativity. I loved every single thing and will treasure it all. Thank you so much Shiela! xo

The second lady I received gifts from is Lizzie Droege. http://lizzidroege.typepad.com/blog/ She sent me the most amazing things! The basket is beautiful! I loved the handmade eggs and cupcake. Absolutely adorable. I love the card and the gorgeous pink necklace along with vintage buttons. I mean what a treat! I loved it all. Thank you sooo much! XO

Thank you so much ladies! And thank you especially to Miss Rhea. She was a wonderful host and made it all worth while.
Happy Easter!
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