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Stay a While :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mad About Steampunk~

Welcome to my blog!
Where do the weeks go? I have been incredibly busy with many things lately and have not had alot of time to post on my blog so I hope you will forgive me. Believe me I love to blog and will be sharing new things soon. And I don't know about you,but I am really looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.
I have been working on new things and thought I would share. Lately I have had a passion for Steampunk. If you are not familiar with Steampunk it is a social movement characterized by
the the return of 19th Century fashion coupled with pre-modern imaginative technology. I would call it “Post-Retro Fashion.”
Here are the major themes of Steampunk Fashion: goggles,corsets,long gloves, tops hats,jewelry and more. Check out the pics I posted to get an idea of what steampunk is all about. I just love the goggles and top hat.
It's such a fun style. So I decided to create my own line of steampunk pillows. I plan to have other things in that style as well. I am thinking of cuffs and other fun things. If only I had more than two hands to do it all! lol But I will as soon as I can. Believe me I have a list of things to do.
Anyway I sure do hope you like the pillows I am posting today. I will be adding putting them up for sale this week. So keep your eyes peeled. ;-D
Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week!
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