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Stay a While :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown To Christmas~

Arlene Dahl, 1947

How long 'til Christmas? I can't wait! It's almost here! There are 8 days left! But guess what??? I am not ready! aak! Can you believe it? I just bought a new tree. I donated the one I had. It was 20 yrs old! I knew it was time for a new one. I am finally going to put my tree up this week. Talk about late! But you know what they say better late than never.
I happen to prefer a fake tree and not a real tree but for a good reason. I'm allergic to the smell of pine. :(  I'm so happy I got this tree because it's a prelit tree. That makes life sooo much easier. No hassle of adding lights. I only need to add decorations. I will post a pic as soon as the tree is all done.

Last week I finished making 6 little Christmas stockings. As you can see I love all things pink.  And they are all for sale.  Here is a direct link: http://www.janetscreativepillows.com/Pink-Bootie-Ornament_p_248.html  with pricing and description if you would like to buy one or maybe two. :)
I also made this cute little cloth doll last week. She would be perfect for any little girl that owns a doll house. Ssh! or even for an adult..lol
If you are interested in her this is the direct link for pricing and description.
I thought I would share a little something I did last year. I bought a plain paper mache deer. I'm sure you have seen them everywhere.
Usually available at Michael's Craft stores or JoAnne's.
They're really cute and easy to decorate. I added some white paint, some pink glitter, put a bow around it's neck with a cute pink poinsetta, faux pink beads and voila!  There you have it. A cute white deer for Christmas. You can do this too. Just add some color, some embellishments and you have yourself a cute decoration.

Last, but not least I wanted to share this doll I purchased last weekend. I got it at a flea market. As if I don't have enough dolls already.  lol  I love my doll because her face reminds me of a boudior doll. I'm going to add a little more make up to her face to give her that same look as you see in the photo of Boudoir dolls by Maison Douce. Boudoir dolls were popular in the 1920's. I just love those sleepy eyes.  Anyway I noticed that this doll wasn't wearing a pretty outfit. So guess what? I am going to make her one. I am going to make her all pretty and then share her with all of you. I will post a pic as soon.

Well that's about all for now. Hope you enjoyed my post.

Have an awesome week!
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