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Stay a While :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My True Love and a Few Creations~

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

This is definitely a very romantic month for many. There's lot's of love in the air. Lots of pink and red roses and plenty of heart shaped boxes filled with yummy chocolate everywhere. Before I met my husband of 23 years I remember disliking Valentine's Day. I didn't enjoy seeing couples kissing and hugging. I guess I felt jealous that I didn't have someone special in my life. But before I met my husband, I made a promise to myself that I would change that. I promised myself that I would learn to love myself. Now, don't get me wrong. That didn't mean that I was egotistical and only cared about myself. No way! I just felt that I didn't need a man to make me happy.

About 4 months after feeling good about myself and no longer caring if I saw couples kissing and hugging on the street, I met my husband Steve. Little did I know my life would change forever. I didn't think it was possible to find true love, but I did.  It's rare to find someone who is caring, devoted, honest, generous, affectionate, romantic and truly a wonderful husband. The other day I told him not to worry about buying me chocolates or roses this year. I do love roses and chocolates I can do without. They only go to my hips..lol
Those things are fun and romantic, but for me, just a romantic dinner at home and watching a movie together is more than enough. I must be getting old because I also prefer a pretty plant, it lasts longer than roses. :)

By the way, I believe all couples argue. Steve and I have had our moments, but that's part of a relationship. You have to work at it. You have to have mutual respect for one another. And whatever you do never, ever go to sleep angry. :)

I also believe that you have to love yourself first in order for someone to love you back. I believe that God created someone for everyone. Never think that you will never find your true love. If I was able to find mine then you can too. You only need to believe in yourself and always keep the faith. :)

Do you know the meaning of Valentine's Day? 

Here is a bit of history for all you lovebirds:

St Valentine's Day has roots in several different legends that have found their way to us through the ages. One of the earliest popular symbols of the Valentine's day is Cupid, the Roman god of love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with bow and arrow. Several theories surround the history of Valentine's Day.

Was There a Real Valentine?

Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian, but also because he had performed a miracle. He supposedly cured the jailer's daughter of her blindness. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter, signing it "From Your Valentine." Another legend tells us that this same Valentine, well-loved by all, received notes to his jail cell from children and friends who missed him.

Bishop Valentine?

Another Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived at about the same time, AD 200. He was imprisoned because he secretly married couples, contrary to the laws of the Roman emperor. Some legends say he was burned at the stake.

Feast of Lupercalia

The ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on the 15th of February, held in honor of a goddess. Young men randomly chose the name of a young girl to escort to the festivities. With the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th of February. The Christians had come to celebrate February 14 as the saint day that celebrated the several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.

Choosing a Sweetheart on Valentine's Day

The custom of choosing a sweetheart on this date spread through Europe in the Middle Ages, and then to the early American colonies. Throughout the ages, people also believed that birds picked their mates on February 14! In AD 496 Sain Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as "Valentine's Day". Although it's not an official holiday, most Americans observe this day.
Whatever the odd mixture of origins, St Valentine's Day is now a day for sweethearts. It is the day that you show your friend or loved one that you care. You can send candy to someone you think is special. Or you can send roses, the flower of love. Most people send "valentine" a greeting card named after the notes that St Valentine received in jail.

And finally, I want to share a few pics of some Valentine's Day creations I have for sale in my shop. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. ;)

Give Us a Kiss~

Mini Lip Pillows for decor or can be used as pincushions :)

Two of a Kind~

Best Friends at Heart~

My Heart Hold the Key~
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. I look forward to your comments.
Have a wonderful week and I hope you  have a very  Happy Valentine's Day!

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