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Stay a While :)

Stay a While :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Schools Almost Out! Here are my kids :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Oh how I love the weekends! School is almost out for the summer  My son can't wait to be on vacation and that makes two of us!. Last day is June 2nd. Yesss!!!
My son, Michael doesn't like for me to take pics of him, but I talked him into it yesterday. He had to perform a monologue in front of all four acting classes, all the acting teachers at the black box at Gstar School of the arts. I am happy to share that he did well and will now move up to acting 2 when moves up to 10th grade in August. My son wants to be an actor. He has been saying this since elementary school. I'm very proud of him. Here are a couple of pics.....

I love my son! :)

And  I also want to share pics of my beautiful daughter. I always ask how in the world did I have two beautiful kids and I am not pretty! lol God definitely did all the work. :) My hubby Steve tells me that they got it all from him...lol.

Here is Laura....

I need to get some full body pics of Laura. She's very photogenic. Unlike me..ew :-D

I'm so proud of my daughter too. She's planning on her future at the moment. I know she will be an amazing author someday. She loves to write.

I love my daughter! :)

If you still have a full nest like I do enjoy every minute because before you know it you might have an empty nest. So treasure every minute with them like I do.

By the way, I will be posting new creations....so stay tuned!

Have a fantastic day!

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