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Stay a While :)

Stay a While :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Congratulations to our Cat of the Month, Baby, owned by Stephanie Smith of Shabby In Pink Boutique. Stephanie has pulled off the Triple Crown this month by being the sole winner of the Pet of The Month contest with her three pets. Baby is a beautiful cat who is very relaxed. Baby loves to eat, sleep and snuggle and needs all nine of it's lives with Gotti and Jose. Just kidding! They all get along, and now Baby has a kitty cornucopia of special treats coming. Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Congratulations to our 1st Dog of the Month, Gotti, who is also owned by Stephanie. Gotti is a beautiful dog and very majestic looking. He's very lovable and friendly & loves to run the neighborhood. Gotti is King of the Canines this month as the mailman will be delivering some special items soon!

Our 2nd winner of our Dog of The Month is Jose, the third pet of Stephanie Smith. Although small in stature, he stands tall among his fellow pet family. He 's also very protective and barks at every visitor, so crooks better watch out! Jose also loves the snow. A canine care package is coming by mail for Jose, so keep a sharp eye out for it!

Aren't they adorable? We are very proud of our winners and wish their owner Stephanie Smith much happiness with her pets. If you would like to enter our monthly Pet Contest please send a favorite picture of your pet along with a small blurb about him or her. And your mailing address to: janetspillows@yahoo.com

Winners will be put on our homepage at Janet's Creative Pillows, our monthly newsletter,blog and will also receive fun surprises for your pet!

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