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Stay a While :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome to Show and Tell Monday!~

Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to Show and Tell!

I sure hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and all the wonderful mothers out there celebrated and enjoyed their special day. I sure had a fun time with my family.

I thought that for todays Show and Tell I would share a few photos. My family and I had a fun picnic over the weekend. We went to a park called Okeeheelee Park. This park is huge! Golf courses,lakes and plenty of grass for the kids to play. We also found a fun place to visit in the park. The Okeeheelee Park Nature Center. We saw all kinds of critters inside. Snakes,tarantulas,fish and more.

My two favorite were this adorable owl called Hooty and a blow fish. Hooty was the cutest owl I have seen in a long time. And the blow fish was adorable even though this picture does not do justice.

I also wanted to show you one of the Victorian Boots I have been working on. I just love the Victorian era. Those beautiful dresses,hats and things they wore were amazing to me. So I am working on a line of Victorian pillows. Hope you like this boot. It still needs more detail. I want to add black buttons to and a handle so you can hang it in your office or home.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please won't you take a moment or two to visit my pink sisters at Make Mine Pink to see the pretty things they will be sharing on their blogs today too?

I wish you all sunshine and roses.

See you next week!~

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