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Stay a While :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas in July Shop Hop at Make Mine Pink!

Oh how I love Christmas time! And especially in July when everyone is enjoying the summer and we need some fun time and cheer. You are invited to Christmas in July Shop Hop at Make Mine Pink

It’s Christmas in July at Make Mine Pink and we’ve checked our lists and checked them twice, to be be sure your your shopping at “Christmas in July” sure is nice!
Please join the boutiques at Make Mine Pink July 20th - 26th for our annual Christmas in July Shop Hop where unique gifts and giveaways are abound!
Have you made your list and checked it twice? This is a great opportunity to get some of your holiday shopping done before the rush of the holiday season.
By shopping at the boutiques at Make Mine Pink, here are some of the wonderful gifts you might find. A hand-painted porcelain mirror for your dear mother, perhaps a vintage tablecloth for a sweet aunt , a wreath magnifique for the newlyweds, a fussie mussie for your sister and beautiful handcrafted jewelry for your daughter. A custom hand painted vintage window is sure to delight the in-laws and even vintage silver that will please your best antiquing companion.
The boutique owners at Make Mine Pink understand the Christmas rush and want to make your shopping as pleasurable as possible. To make this possible, we are offering the finest services and products in July. Some Boutiques will offer gift wrap that is so beautiful you may not want to put it away until Christmas, while others may offer artfully crafted gifts tags just right for giving. Special orders delivered on the day you chose is no problem or perhaps a custom color or a special design embroidered on linen and even a stack of books of special interest wrapped in the prettiest ribbons and ready to give. Whatever your needs, we can help you make that someone’s Christmas special.
At the boutiques of Make Mine Pink you will find that handmade is heartfelt, vintage brings back memories and sentimental is still sweet. A darling candle in a vintage teacup, a pillow made from a cherished baby’s dress, collectible woodland mice or fairy houses, and bath products sure to pamper even the busiest of women. Now is the time to plan a special quilt, the fabric and patterns are put together in special kits for your convenience. Ordering special potpourri to tuck in each gift you wrap would be a delightful surprise for your gift recipients but don’t forget to order extra for yourself too!. A gift of personalized ribbon is an indulgence that will not soon be forgotten. You might prefer to pick a charm made of china just like the china that Grandma had, or a charm with a custom engraved sentiment that only you and your best friend would understand.
All that you do is for others is thoughtful and not soon to be forgotten, but what about that delightful little treasure that you can’t live without? You may not be able to resist the pink lights for that special tree , or a vintage ornament or two to add to your ever growing collection. Perhaps a special tea to enjoy while you jot down your thoughts in a beautiful hand-crafted journal or soft as butter soaps that will ease the tensions of a long day. And a sweet cupcake or two with no calories (faux of course) makes it even more delightful.
As if the boutiques and all the delights they have to offer is not enough, don’t forget the prizes that you can win just by joining the shop hop. No purchase is necessary to win, but we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to resist a treasure or two.
So shop and hop the specialty boutiques at Make Mine Pink and remember, we love special requests. It’s our pleasure to serve you and to help make your holidays special

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