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Stay a While :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to All!

I remember the days when I got all dressed up for Easter. I wore cute hats with gloves and a purse to match,but would not be caught dead wearing a hat now..lol Look how pretty Audrey Hepburn looks in the photo. I also don't like hats because they flatten my hair. :-O

I hope that everyone is enjoying the day with family or friends. My kids loved their Easter baskets filled with goodies. I hate all that sugar,but it is so yummy! Why is it that I eat one chocolate bunny and it goes right to my hips..lol  Guess I will have to do more sit ups tomorrow morning when I exercise.

Let's remember that today is special and that we should be grateful for what we have and pray for those who need it. Jesus would want that from us. To love one another and do good things for others. Just a thought to think about.

I have one pillow to share. It's an Easter pillow. I wish I had posted it sooner,but it was a crazy week and never got a chance to. But better late than never. Hope you like it. It will be posted for sale on my website today or tomorrow in case you are interested. :-)

I also want to share a photo of my latest trash to treasure project. I found this wonderful birdhouse laying near the garbage and had to take it home. It still needs some work,but for now this will do. It was rusty and dull,but I added some color, faux birdies, two cute little bird houses painted in pink and blue and some flowers and bows on the top of the cage. I'm happy with it. :-)

Have a hip hoppity fun day!


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