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I am the owner of Janet's Creative Cottage. I am passionate about creating and also have a love of art. My dream is to one day see all of my artwork or creations in stores throughout the United States and Europe. I want to make a difference and help others who are in need.  So if you are looking for unique handmade products then this is the place for you.

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Stay a While :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Something About Fairies~

It's hard to believe that summer will soon be here. Twelve more days and my kids finish school. How time flies! I look forward to spending more time with them at home and maybe I can catch a few more winks.  Yeah right! lol

I have a few things I have been working on and thought I would share.
There is something magical and mysterious about fairies. That is why I created this dress form below. The only thing I didn't add are wings. But I think it's pretty anyway. I hope you like it.
I also have a toile roses pillow,a vintage peach pillow and my before photo of a family of dolls I am working on.

The dress form will be available for purchase tomorrow (www.janetscreativepillows.com) and the toile roses pillow as well. When the dolls are finished I will put them up for sale too. I am almost finished dressing them up. :)

Here is the dress form...

~Bella The Enchanted Fairy~ I worked hard on this dress. It has so much detail and it is a one of a kind. :)
This is a beautiful toile roses pillow. It has gorgeous loop trim. There are two in stock.

Here is a pretty vintage pillow that I will also list for sale tomorrow. It has pretty vintage lace all around the pillow. There is a vintage crocheted doily in the center. And there is a handmade rose and a ribbon bow on the top left.

And here are the dolls...

They are naked for now,but in a few days you will see them dressed. I call them "La Familia".

Thanks for stopping by for a peek. Please feel free to leave a comment. I look forward to them. :)

Wishing you sunshine and roses for the week ahead~


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