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Stay a While :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Interiors by Hunter~

I am delighted to present a very special person today, his name is Matt Wilson. He is the owner of Home Interiors by Hunters. It is located in beautiful England which is one of my favorite countries in the world.  I highly recommend his products as they are unique and just wonderful. He has pillows, jewelry and so many other lovely things for your home.

Here is some information about his awesome shop:

The accessories you choose for a room really can make or break the design altogether. All it could take is a bad duvet cover, a few mismatched lamps, or one dodgy rug and the whole look and feel of the room is spoiled. You have to keep in mind the theme you are going for, and the look you want to achieve. Never is this more important than when choosing bedroom furniture and accessories. At Hunters at Home, we have a wide range of furniture that can add unique style to a room, including our Shabby Chic range. In particular, our bedroom range has many different styles available, that are all very different, and therefore the accessories should be too (Don’t worry, we stock them too!).

Our Belgravia bedroom range is simply white, giving a feeling of innocence and relaxation. It can be perfectly described as shabby chic furniture, that vintage look that gives a delicate touch to a room. This range would be complemented beautifully by soft accessories that blend in with the calm feeling, such as the ‘Beautiful Boudoir’ range of pillows sold here at Janet’s Creative Pillows.

Another bedroom range we have is our ‘Tiffany Antique Silver’ range, which makes slightly more of a statement with its silver colouring, and bold curvy shaping. The furniture has a feminine feel to it, giving a feel of elegance and royalty. This range would be perfectly finished with a few pillows from many of the pillows on Janet’s Creative Pillows, including ‘Darling Dolls’ and ‘Delightful Dress Forms’. The lovely purses from the ‘Pretty Purses’ range would be a beautiful finishing touch to the room.

In contrast to both of these, at Hunters at Home we also have more classic bedroom looks, including our Quebec Oak and York ranges. All the furniture in these ranges are made from solid oak, and have a classic look of a country house or cottage. The ‘Cottage Chic’ range of pillows would go perfectly with the solid oak to complete the quaint country feel.

Please visit  his shop: http://www.homeinteriorsbyhunters.co.uk/
You can see amazing photos of his products on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/source/homeinteriorsbyhunters.co.uk/
Matt  has his own Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/mattwebtise/

I just love the doggie on the England flag pillow. You really should take a peek, it's adorable.

Thank you Matt, for allowing me to share your store with everyone. It's a pleasure to have you as my friend.

Please stop by tomorrow for a few of my new creations.
Have a magnificent week everyone!


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