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Stay a While :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering September 11th, 2001

It's really hard to believe that it was 12 years ago today we were attacked. I remember that day well. I was at home with my two beautiful kids. Laura was about 3 and my son Michael was a 1 yr. old. I was asleep when I got that dreadful call. My husband told me to put the TV on because a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. I immediately thought it was a horrible accident. After that call I went about the house with my daily routine. Then suddenly I walk by the TV and hear a reporter on Fox News telling everyone that another plane had hit the other tower. My mouth hung in disbelief. It seemed unreal to me. I felt like I was watching a movie. This could not be happening in the United States. I began to cry. I hugged my two kids and cried. I called my parents and they were upset too. Who wouldn't be?? My husband was at work. He worked in Manhattan and called me to tell me not to panic. But how could I not panic??? My husband Steve had to walk from Manhattan all the way home because all the trains has stopped. No cars could move. The only way people could leave Manhattan was to walk. But that was the least of everyone's problems.
Next I hear that another plane crashed and hit the Pentagon. OMG! I thought this is not happening!

 And then another plane hit Shanksville, PA.! Oh God please help us! I was not sobbing in my living room. And it only got worse. When I saw the first Twin Tower fall to the floor I felt my heart being ripped out of me. I could not believe my eyes! Then the second Tower. Please wake me up from this nightmare! I watched in horror and thought that this could ever happen to us in the U.S.
Ever since that day the world has never been the same. It's the most painful day in my memory. I will never forget all those who suffered and lost sisters, brothers, mothers, friends, but most of all how anyone could be so evil. How anyone could do such a thing! The only good thing that happened is that it brought so many people together. It didn't weaken us, but made us stronger than ever before. We remained as one.
I thank God that I was not one of the families who lost a loved one. But I feel so bad for those that did. My heart goes out to all of them. I pray and hope that they find comfort and happiness even though they will never forget what happened.

Our world is in such turmoil, but we should never give up on faith. Never give up on hope and never, ever give up on God. He is in charge and he is watching over us even if we don't see him. He will never leave us alone and only he can help us.
Today I pay tribute to every single person affected by September 11, 2001. Let's remember them and remember all the heroes who perished that day. Let's pray that one day there will be peace. And that evil will be destroyed forever.

May God Bless You All,

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